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Dated: April 8 2014

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The sun is shining again and you are out looking for a house of your dream… You stumble across a new construction sign that likely says “starting at $$” and seems reasonable… You step in the model and BOOM you are mesmerized by the beautiful décor! Does the idea of owning a brand new home seem attractive? Yes! It does to a lot of us! And yes, there is an advantage: low maintenance, low energy cost, the freedom to choose and personalize your home… all very attractive propositions! Then come the multitudes of decisions to be made! Here is why you need a good Realtor to ask the right questions with you! “What will be built behind this subdivision? Where are the easements? Are the roads getting ready to expand into a highway? Who will have the responsibility to maintain the piece of land between the greenbelt and my property line? Will I be able to park my company vehicle with logo on it? What are the dues of the community and what do they cover? Is it optional to be a member of the HOA or is it Mandatory? These important questions are a few of many that would help you make the right decision for your family based on your situation. Let’s face it, no one can predict the unknown but the Orbit Realty Team can certainly help you put the relevant known on the table so you can make the right decision for your family.  It’s your lifestyle, your home, your family, we GET IT and we can help! P.S. most builders will want you to bring your Realtor with you on first visit. If you are thinking of new construction, please give us a shout and we’ll help you get to the right builder for your need! Call or text 214.632.4687 or 972.768.6125 or visit us at 

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