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Dated: October 13 2014

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Anders Lewendal and his son Jake, know quite a bit on what it means to be American Built. In 2011, the pair completed the first modern and documented all American home in Bozeman, MT. Their single feat initiated a buy-American, build-American movement among other domestic home builders. With the economy continuing to recover, many consider domestic industry to be key in furthering our growth and stability. The house was built with over 120 different products coming from more than 33 states. And while some domestic supplies are more expensive, in total the cost of constructing the home is nearly identical to traditional built homes. This concludes Lewendal to think; if every home builder bought 5% more American materials, it could create 22,000 jobs.  The All-American Home mission statement claims: “We already have everything we need to create jobs and lower unemployment at home. All we have to do is reallocate 5% of our spending, whether personal or business, to the purchase of American-made products-thereby improving our collective quality of life.”Companies from around the country have agreed that if builders bought more American made products, it would put people back to work. From Gorilla Tape of Cincinnati, to Sherwin-Williams in Georgia, to a Moen plant in Pennsylvania; all these companies could hire more individuals, should demand for their products increase. And many builders are starting to agree, some even signing contracts pledging to build with more American products.  Since that first premier home was built, at least a dozen others have been built across the nation, including homes in Delaware, California, Florida, Oregon, Washington, Virginia, and Texas. Further proving small steps can sometimes lead to big changes.

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