Urban Vs Suburban In Texas

Dated: November 5 2014

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When choosing where to live, the common struggle between finding the right area, with nearby amenities you want, in the price range you need, and all within acceptable commute times, can feel like a battle ground. Outweighing which is more important can become confusing and frustrating the more you dig into it. It doesn’t just come down to cost of living, as both choices have pros and cons that might sway your decision depending on your current lifestyle and future goals. Focusing on the positives and understanding limitations of each will help you hone in on what is really driving your choice.

The Urban Adventure
To most, city living means hustle and bustle, being close to the action, and having everything at your fingertips. This is one of the great things about living in an urban environment. Usually residents are in close proximity to amenities like shopping, restaurants, museums, and live events. Getting to these places are usually easy too, with the options of public transportation, biking or walking. And being close to work means no stressful bumper to bumper traffic. At the end of the day, getting home to your unique, city-style abode can be a pleasure, envied by suburban-dwelling road warriors.
On the flip side, cities are, by default, crowded and noisy; high density living usually means higher pollution and higher crime rates. Due to the constant battle for space, living areas are smaller, and the access to sprawling parks and other outdoor spaces are more limited. Cost of living, depending on how you measure it, can also be higher. If you have children, education and child care costs are also to be considered, as there may be less options, some of which costly.
The Quiet ‘Burbs
When it comes to living in the suburbs, most people boast about the peace and quiet. An escape from the hassle of the city (and work) and its constant movement. Which is true, a lot is gained in the suburbs, along with the noiselessness. Homes and their lot sizes are larger, streets are wider, parks are abundant. Access to major shopping centers, schools, and family entertainment is generally easy to come by. A quick hop on the closest major freeway will get you anywhere else you need to go. When it comes to suburb’s, it’s about convenience and ease.
Where suburbs lack, however, cities abound. Usually, there is no quick access to high density shopping, eating, and entertainment. Operas, museums, and other community events require planning and drive time. Depending on where you work, commute times can be long and traffic stressful. Not to mention, most far flung suburbs are not tied into major city transportation, so options are down to a few. Without a car, most suburbs are difficult to navigate. Housing is generally mass planned and within subdivisions, lacking unique styles and variety.  
When it comes down to it, there are a few questions to consider when deciding between city and suburban living. If budget is an issue, consider which environment will save you more, factoring in your lifestyle. Contemplating your future goals, such as children and home ownership, is also important. At the end of the day, your living space, and all that surrounds it, should make you feel content and comfortable. Often times, when decisions weigh us down, its best to come back to what makes us happiest.   

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